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Training Videos

Racial Injustice Resource Videos

Videos to Interact with:

Together to Transform 2020

Friday Night and Saturday Morning Sessions with Dr. Michael Henderson

Shalom Seminar with Dr. Ruben Rivera

Biblical Diversity Breakout with Dr. Harold Lewis

Responding to Injustice - Youth Leader Training

"13th"  (Mature Audiences)

"Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man" on YouTube

Diverse Crowd of Hundred of Marches in Downtown Youngstown

"Before You Call the Cops - The Tyler Merritt Project  |  Now This" on YouTube

COVID-19 Resource Videos


ReOpening Church:  Leading After COVID-19 by William Vanderbloemen

Preparing for Re-Entry - Dr. Bruce Hopler, Executive Director of Church Strengthening for Converge

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Virtual Church - What Have We Learned?  Were Are We Headed? - Steve Perky, Digital Ministry Strategist

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Soul and Congregational Care in Crisis - Dr. Dan Rumberger, Southwest Counseling

The Blank Slate:  A New Ministry Normal - Thom Rainer, Sam Rainer, Kevin Spratt

Understanding Your Church's Risk and Liability

Use password 5P^&9N66


Video Slides

Sample Activity Participation Agreement

Taking Your Online Ministry To the Next Level

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Together to Transform - March 6 & 7, 2020 - UNITED

Breakout Sessions

Ministering to the Desperate and Disconnected

Laurel Bunker, Assoc. VP Christian Formation & Church Relations, Bethel University

Why understanding and ministering effectively to the next generation matters for the future of the church.

PowerPoint Slides
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