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A Converge Rocky Mountain Partner church

  • Desires to join a redemptive movement bigger than themselves
  • Agrees with the Converge Rocky Mountain statement of faith
  • Participates in the life of the CRM network
  • Partners in the shared mission
  • Invests staff and people resources to make other churches better
  • Invests wisdom, the lessons God has taught and the ways He is working through the church
  • Invests financial resources generously to enable Converge Rocky Mountain churches to move forward in ministry and see more lives and communities transformed for God’s glory (Suggested financial investment: 1% of annual budget to the shared mission. 1% to church planting. 1% to the "100 in 10" initiative.)

To Become a CRM Affiliated Partner Church

Begin a conversation with Converge Rocky Mountain

Meet with the CRM Executive Minister or a regional head coach/pastor to discuss the values of a formal partnership.

Get better acquainted

Converge leadership will set up a meeting with your church’s leadership team to discuss missional/theological compatibility and what the relationship could look like.

Complete affiliation application

To better understand your church, Converge leadership will ask for information on your church including: governing documents, church history, affirmation of faith, financial information, and current ministry information.

Make an official request

If, after prayerful consideration, your church desires to formally affiliate with Converge Rocky Mountain an official request needs to be made. A request letter can be provided to Converge leadership with information detailing the decision of the church to affiliate with Converge.

Set an affiliation gathering

The gathering will be scheduled between your church’s leadership and area Converge pastors and leaders for the purpose of getting to know your church, building relationship and mutually discerning God’s will in the affiliation process.

Officially affiliate

Receive official affirmation by Converge leadership and a welcoming in at a regional CRM gathering.

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