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Our intention at Converge Rocky Mountain is to provide you with helpful resources for the day-to-day business of managing your church, as well as for the major challenges that pastors, churches and congregations come up against in ministry.

We are always adding new resources, so please check back here often.  If you think of something that we could include, please let us know.  We do our best to find the most up-to-date and useful information available.

Converge Placement Network

We believe that finding a Lead Pastor for your church is one of the most important decisions you will ever make as a body.  The Converge Placement Network exists to help you make that decision with wisdom, knowledge and Spirit-led confidence.  In partnership with the Ministry Placement Network of the Center for Church Effectiveness, we have developed what we believe to be the most thorough process you could use to find your next pastor.  We guide your search team and leadership board through a six-step process that will help you understand who you are as a congregation and what type of pastor will best serve you in your next season of ministry. 

Click here to learn more.


Strategic Team-Makers

Strategic Team-Makers, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Dr. Jerry Dahl as a consulting resource for businesses and churches. Jerry is a sought after marriage conference facilitator and pastor/planter ministry coach.  STM also specializes in building productive relationships between church staff and leaders.

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Interim Pastors & Placement

One of the most important ways Converge Rocky Mountain assists local congregations is through the search for and placement of a new pastor.  Along with guiding the search team, Converge Rocky Mountain also provides assistance in locating interim pastors and special speakers.

Church Conflict Resolution

Converge Rocky Mountain provides trained reconciliation leaders to help resolve church disputes in a God-honoring way. The Bible is clear that our witness to the world will be most powerful when we live in unity with each other.

Church Leadership Covenant Example

Immigration Assistance

Converge Rocky Mountain values cultural diversity. The tapestry of our partner churches include congregations ministering to Latinos, Vietnamese, Arabic and Fil-Am congregations. Often these congregations are led by pastors who have relocated from a foreign land. Moving to the United States can be filled with challenges for a pastor and his family. Learning a new language, new cultural norms, and new driving laws are just some of the hurdles a cultural pastor must navigate.

The most sizable hurdle, however, is working with Homeland Security and Immigration and Naturalization services. It takes time, expertise and thousands of dollars to obtain the proper documentation for visas and eventually United States citizenship. Converge Rocky Mountain provides funding and expert attorneys to guide cultural pastors through the process.


Background Checks

PreSearch Background Services, Inc. is a national leading provider of comprehensive background screening solutions. Established in 1995, PreSearch has conducted over two million background checks for churches, companies, and other organizations coast to coast. PreSearch is truly a ministry minded company.  Their strong commitment is to provide the most comprehensive, user friendly background screening program for churches at the lowest possible rates, leaving more resources to be spent on ministry.

Visit their website for more information.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance

Brotherhood Mutual insures churches and related ministries. They provide property and liability insurance as well as other products.  Click here for more information.

 Converge Benevolent Fund

The Converge Benevolent Fund was created to demonstrate compassionate love by providing financial assistance for our pastors, missionaries, chaplains, retirees and their families in times of crisis.

In the past, benevolent funds have been used to:

  • Provide additional counseling for pastoral couples and families
  • Assist pastoral couples with overdue medical bills beyond their ability to pay
  • Help extend visas for one of our cultural pastors
  • Bring relief for several churches experiencing financial difficulties and unable to pay salaries for a time
  • Provide monthly stipends for low-income widows or widowers
  • Supplement quarterly retirement plan payments for cultural church pastors with incomes below $25,000

Links to Organizational Documents and Examples 

Federal ID Number

Obtain a federal tax ID number (also known as an Employer Identification Number) through Form SS-4. Do this online at you will receive your Fed ID immediately. You will need this before you can open your bank accounts.

Articles of Incorporation

Become incorporated through the state of Colorado. Do this online at for the “Articles of Incorporation for Nonprofits.” You will need your Fed ID Number, constitution/bylaws and your dissolution designation form.


This document is intended to be used as an example of church bylaws and may be modified to accommodate the needs of your church.  It is used by permission from Cheyenne Hills Church.  


501(c)(3) Non-Profit Status

Apply for the blanket 501(c)(3) through the federal government.  Download Form 1024 and the instructions from  The fee depends on your gross receipts. If the receipts are expected to be under $10,000 for the next four years, the fee is $400. If the receipts will be over $10,000 in the next four years, the fee is $850. You will not have to file any annual tax reports with the IRS as long as you are officially recognized as a nonprofit.  If you are in the district you can apply to use Converge Worldwide’s 501(c)(3).  Contact Chris Thiessen at finance@convergerockymountain for more information.

Bulk Mail Permits

Permit Application

Other Resources

Keeping Church Records

Baptism Overview

Need something that you don't see here? Email and we will try to upload it for you.

Online Resources

These websites offer great information and resources on how to make communication count with your congregation.

Church Juice  offers free resources to help churches communicate better. No matter the medium, it’s time to be intentional about reaching your congregation and community.

Pro Church Tools has a variety of resources from articles, podcasts and videos that offer insight into everything from effective communication with your congregation to new trends and statistics in the church.

Digital Newsletter Examples

Digital newsletters are a great way to keep people up to date on events in between Sundays. 

CRM Ascent 

Written Communication Tips & Examples

Church Juice provides great insights on how to keep your written communication succinct and effective. 

Christmas Pastor Gift Letter examples:

Below are a few examples of Christmas Pastor Gift Letter examples.

Village Baptist Christmas Letter

Bethel Baptist Church

Mtn View Bible's Christmas Letter

A generous heart is one of the clearest signs that a person is a fully devoted follower of Christ. Converge Rocky Mountain desires to assist pastors and churches in maximizing their financial resources, as well as raising up big-hearted believers who freely share God's blessings with others.

Establishing Credible Church Financial Systems

What is the difference between a financial secretary and a treasurer?  Can the same person carry out both responsibilities? What is the best way to count the weekly offering? How can you safeguard your church against mishandling of funds? Where is the safest place to store unused checks?  How do you safely transport funds to the bank?  How do you set up direct deposit for your regular givers? These questions and more can be handled through a financial coaching consultation with Converge Rocky Mountain.

Contact Chris Thiessen at for more information.

Internal Controls for Churches

Church/Ministry Planters Checklist for Financial Development

Capital Campaigns and Donor Development

Raising substantial funds is a needed and necessary part of leading a congregation. Most pastors, however, have very little training in this area. Below are resources to help with this process.

Tim Avery - Kardia Consulting

Tim Avery is President/CEO of Kardia Consulting. Kardia strategically coaches pastors/church leaders on all topics related to stewardship, generosity, giving, money and possessions. Kardia's purpose is to connect people to the heart of God so that they can experience life that is truly life.

Tim is an approved CRM Consultant and is available to assist churches with capital campaigns. Contact Kardia Consulting on their website.

Need something that you don't see here? Email the CRM office at, and we will try to upload it for you!

Pastoral Retreat Resources

These retreat locations are available to CRM Pastors.

4 Eagle Ranch is only 24 miles from Vail Village and 15 miles from Beaver Creek. Our easily accessible location, combined with excellent facilities, great food and service have given countless groups and individuals an unforgettable experience rich in history and tradition. Transformed in 1991 as an entertainment venue for private group functions, 4 Eagle specializes in corporate parties, weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, family reunions and other gatherings.

(970) 926-3372 | |

Converge Rocky Mountain has formed ministry partnerships with branding/marketing firms to assist your church in presenting yourself to your community in an effective way. Be sure to mention you are a Converge Rocky Mountain church.

Holmgren Design

Sandi Holmgren has been a part of two Converge church plants in addition to her design work for Converge Rocky Mountain.

Phone: (651) 433-3943

Converge Logos

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