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CRM Financial Services

Answering basic financial questions as part of a free consultation is available to all CRM partner churches. If additional financial services are desired, an additional consultation will be scheduled. One of our consultants will prepare a proposal and present to the church leadership on pricing for specific services requested.

Establishing Credible Church Financial Systems

  • Does your church have safe guards in place to prevent the mishandling of funds?
  • Does your congregation have the opportunity to contribute through automatic bank deposit and online giving as well as the offering plate?
  • Would you like assistance in setting up your church’s financial management systems?
  • Could you use a skilled financial manager to protect your church’s payroll and a full menu of accounting services?

The Need for Strong Internal Controls

Why would I need these financial systems?

People often think of internal controls only as a means to keep employees from stealing and many people assume that if someone works for a church, they would never steal. In case you think likewise, do an Internet search on “Stealing money from a church.” The over 23 million results should disavow you of that notion.  People are human and money does get stolen from churches. Setting up proper controls will help stem that possibility.


Free Consultation

In depth evaluation of current controls, accounting systems, and danger zones. Recommendations will be offered on improving your management of assets and offerings.

A La Carte Financial Services

  • Process payroll
  • Process payables
  • Financial statements
  • Financial reporting
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Donor management
  • Bookkeeping

You are never too small to have the basic controls to protect your staff and your assets.

Email our financial team today!

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