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LEAD Networks

Designated geographic or people group clusters form the basis for LEAD networks. LEAD network meetings are available for leaders of strategic ministries including: Senior Pastors, Worship, Prayer, Children, Youth, Women, Senior Adults, Missions, Technology, Administration and Stewardship.  Each LEAD network cluster meets regularly for Learning, Encouragement, Achieving S3 goals, and Dreaming about future ministry opportunities.



Personality and strength tests:

Church Growth Gifts Test

Regent University Gifts Test

Personality Test

Other Resources

Converge Rocky Mountain wants to assist your church in reaching its full God-given potential. Contact the office to learn more about these helpful resources.

For Your Church

  • Church Consultations
  • Natural Church Development Inventory
  • Church-wide Assessments / SWOT Analysis
  • Church Health Diagnosis
  • Conflict Consultation
  • The Church Life Cycle
  • Breaking Growth Barriers
  • ReTool Kit

For Your Staff/Volunteers

  • StrengthsFinder
  • Personality Inventories
  • Leadership Inventories
  • DISC Inventories
  • Leadership Board Consults

Church Conflict Resolution

Converge Rocky Mountain provides trained reconciliation leaders to help resolve church disputes in a God-honoring way. The Bible is clear that our witness to the world will be most powerful when we live in unity with each other.

A Commitment to Biblical Conflict Resolution - Peacemaker's Promise

Leadership Relationship Covenant

Sexual Misconduct and Restoration Policies

Clergy Restoration

Recommended Policy Statement on Sexual Misconduct for Local Churches of the Baptist General Conference

Converge Rocky Mountain assists pastors and their families with their spiritual, physical and emotional needs. Marriage intensives and ReVive Us Summits are available for couples in the midst of a particularly difficult season of life. The district also helps with church conflict issues and team-building.

Recommended Converge Rocky Mountain Ministry Partners

Quiet Waters CareLine

The CareLine is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week professional, confidential and complimentary telephone counseling and referral service for Converge Rocky Mountain pastors and their families. That means day or night, every day of the year, a professional counselor is prepared to listen and provide help for pastoral staff and their families.

By simply calling 1.866.526.2222 (toll free) they will be put in touch with a licensed doctor or master’s level counselor within four hours.

Southwest Counseling Associates

Everyone needs help at times to heal, grow and find direction. To meet this need, Mission Hills Church of Littleton, Colorado, established Southwest Counseling Associates in 1986 as a non-profit extension ministry. SCA maintains its partnership with Mission Hills while pursuing opportunities to work with other churches in the greater Denver area and the Front Range. Phone: 303.730.1717

New Beginnings Ministry

New Beginnings has a passion to come alongside families and help them build a strong spiritual and moral foundation.  Founders Brad and Colleen Bowker are especially attuned to the challenges and rewards of blended families. Brad is available to do seminars, marriage conferences or blended family seminars. The Bowkers are members of Galilee Baptist Church in Loveland, Colorado. Phone: 970.669.5691 E-mail:

Reigning Peace Ministries

Reigning Peace Ministries is a nonprofit 501c3 tax-exempt organization, established to provide assistance to people seeking peace through conflict resolution with God, within and with others. We provide counseling, conflict coaching and mediations for all types of issues including, but not limited to; individuals, marriages, families, divorce, couples, pre-marital, business and church interventions. We also provide addiction and grief counseling.  

Reigning Peace Ministries is committed to a Gospel based, Biblical process geared to unveil heart issues where idols live and thrive to wreak havoc on one’s emotional, spiritual and physical life. To learn more about Reigning Peace Ministries, please contact KC Dierenfield. Phone: 720.436.1009 Email: Website:

For more resources, contact the CRM office


As a district, it is our prayerful desire that all our pastors and churches experience vital and growing partnerships. For that reason, we seek to use the best resources available, ever dependent on God's sovereign direction, to connect the "right leader with the right church at the right time"


Retirement Fund

The Converge Retirement Plan offers two different retirement plans to its pastors, missionaries, district leaders, national staff, and the full-time staff of churches. Many participate in both plans.

The first offers a retirement savings account balance that grows with participant contributions and investment earnings. The second offers life-time monthly payments during retirement years.

The plans have a history of above-market investment returns and low investment fees, which have resulted in periodic ad-hoc increases in monthly payments. More information is available at here or contact the Converge Rocky Mountain office.

Ministry Family Benevolence Fund

Ministry families face a number of unique life challenges.  At times, these challenges can become overwhelming. The Converge Rocky Mountain Benevolence Fund distributes thousands of dollars every year to help ministry families receive counseling, make house payments, and receive medical treatments.  Every partner church is encouraged to designate one offering a year for the Converge Rocky Mountain Benevolence Fund.

Pastoral Tax Guidance

2018 Social Security and other Information for Members of the Clergy and Other Religious Workers

2018 Tax Guide for Individuals With Income From U.S. Possessions

Other Financial Resources

It is important for all churches to have a sabbatical policy in place to provide a time of refreshment and renewal for pastors. Below is a guide to planning and implementing a sabbatical leave that will benefit both the pastor and the church from Pinnacle Ministries.

Sabbatical Planning Guide

Converge endorses qualified clergypersons to chaplaincy ministry in:

  • the military – Army, Navy Air Force (active duty, Reserves, National Guard)
  • the Veterans Administration
  • the Bureau of Prisons in the Department of Justice
  • and to health care institutions (hospitals and hospices)

For more information and the application process go to