Thunder Basin Community Church has opened to the public with regular Sunday preview services!  God has been at work in Upton Wyoming.  He has helped us prepare by sending a couple to join us in the church plant and preparing the hearts of those in town He has called to be a part of the church.  As we neared the end of the year, we saw an immense interest and curiosity for the church.  We knew it was time to invite the public to our Sunday services.  With the Lord’s help and guidance, we had a Christmas Eve service open to the public.  The turnout and positive feedback we received from those in attendance told us there was a hunger for the church to open to the public.

Several people told us that they’ve been praying for several years for a church like Thunder Basin to come to Upton.  Many have expressed their gratefulness that their prayers are being answered by the opening of Thunder Basin.  It’s humbling and such a confirmation that the Lord has placed us exactly where He knew we were needed.  After just two services open to the public we have 3 members of our worship team identified and others who are expressing interest in serving in the church.  We’ve started both men’s and women’s Bible studies and the interest is astounding.  We are blessed to have a wonderful community center that fits the needs of the church perfectly as we grow.  Join us in praising our glorious Father for all He is doing in Upton!

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