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Current Church Plants


It’s estimated that 30,000 churches across the country will close due to the pandemic. It’s critical that those congregations are replaced with new, Christ centered faith communities. Please choose one or two, and support our new "100 in 10" church planters with prayer, resources and funding.  Take a look at the amount of support still needed.

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Center Church

Center Church is a new church plant in southwest Denver that believes that God has made it very clear what He wants at the center of His church. When reading the Scripture, we see that God wants His people to love Him, to love one another, and to make disciples. This is what the church has been doing for over two-thousand years and this is what the church will continue to do. The church is ancient, yet He is doing a new thing. Center Church believes in holding this tension. Pastor Mitch Lynn and his lead team believe in being theologically rooted in the ancient Scriptures and in the foundation that the historical saints have laid that has lasted generations while also being innovative in the methods used. Ultimately the mission is clear: Center Church exists to create communities that grow together as daily disciples and love like Jesus where they are. 

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Neighborhood Church

David and Victoria Henderson relocated to Utah in September 2020. They long to be part of a move of God that drastically changes the LDS-saturated culture and landscape of the state. They want to reach their neighbors and plant in Daybreak, one of the top five fastest growing communities in the nation.

Less than 2% of Utahns have a saving relationship with Jesus. The cultural landscape of Utah demands that people measure up to an impossible standard, and many are crushed under that weight. There are countless people moving into Daybreak - the 2nd fastest growing community in the nation - and experiencing major life transitions in the epicenter of this keep-it-together culture. We want to help them build their new normal around a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Neighborhood Church's public launch is planned for September 2022.

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The Front Church

Nate and Robyn Ray moved their family to Utah in 2017 for a ministry residency after a season of church planting and pastoral ministry, seeking clarity from God for their next phase of life and ministry. Through the residency time, God has called them to plant a church in the Salt Lake Valley.
The Gospel need in Utah is staggering, with less than 3% of the population being Christian (protestant, orthodox, and Catholic included in that number). The Front church will be one of 4 Christian churches in an area with over 96,000 people. All needing Jesus. 
The Front Church's grand opening is Sunday, September 12, 2021! With all the launch funds needed raised 
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Beyond the Walls Community Church

Dave and Beth Nickodemus launched Beyond the Walls Community Church in northern Colorado Springs in February of 2020.  The Northern Colorado Springs and Monument area of Colorado is a fast growing area where people are constantly moving into (in new homes and apartments).  Many of these people don't have any connections in the area and struggle with loneliness.  Which leads to a drastic increase in areas of mental health, especially with our teens in struggles with anxiety and depression.  The youth in Colorado Springs have really struggled during Covid with isolation and mental health problems. Beyond The Walls is striving to help. This past summer They were able to make some really great connections into the community through offering a low-cost soccer camp. 

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Hope Colorado Springs

Josh and Kelly Allen officially launched Hope Colorado Springs in September 2018 and celebrates its 3 year birthday this September! 

Colorado Springs remains a spiritually diverse community, with changing demographics and ideologies rubbing against each other in a relatively small “city” environment. While there are many orthodox Christians and thriving churches, the vast majority of our population has no official religious affiliation, and many remain very distrustful and even disdainful of the churches in the area. It is every church’s challenge in our area to get past the apathy or outright antagonistic feelings the non-Christian population feels towards churches in Colorado Springs, realizing that many in our community have been hurt themselves by interactions with church in the past. We seek to do this by living intentional, generous, and humble lives that speak love and truth to all who we share life with.


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Catalyst Planters, Wyoming 

Neil and Deb Hughes are our CRM Wyoming planting catalysts. They will go into a community and gather a group of people for Bible study. When that group is growing spiritually, has a good understanding of the church's vision and has collected a viable number of participants, Neil and Deb will entrust the group to a planter and move on to a new town to start the process again. Where and how often they move is all up to the leading of the Holy Spirit! Oh and did we mention, they will be living in their 26’ camper! Here is their request, please be in prayer for their journey as they seek out sites for new churches. Click the "Learn More" button below to learn how to support and pray for the Hughes family.

Reach out to Neil and Deb at 307-359-5108 or email

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Waypoint, New Mexico

Jeff and Amy Gilmer's vision is to plant a non-traditional plant starting in their house and eventually meeting in a town coffee shop.  The Gilmer’s would oversee the coffee shop during the week and meet for church there on Sundays. They believe it will be a great way to do life-on-life evangelism and build God’s Kingdom in the small resort community of Angel Fire.

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Upton Church Plant

God has called us to be on mission for Christ in Upton Wyoming and the surrounding towns, to transform lives and a community, one relationship at a time. 

We are brand new to Upton, so we will be forming relationships, identifying needs in our community and assessing our mission field.  We are starting a home bible study with fellow believers through an online study to begin with.  We'll be getting involved in the Upton community through volunteer work and meeting the needs of our town.  As we form and develop relationships with non-believers within the community we'll be inviting them to the home bible study.  As the Lord leads and in His timing, we'll develop a leadership team and launch the church plant.  

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Renewed Life Church

Renewed Life Church has a desire to be a church for people who have been hurt by religion. Within the context of Utah, and the seismic shifts within Mormonism, folks are leaving the LDS church or seriously considering a departure. These are the individuals they want to reach. Currently, Tom and Jaime Earnhart are serving at The Bridge Community, they are seeing more and more folks from this context seeking to come to know Jesus, not as He has been presented in a false religious context. Rather, as He has revealed Himself in the Bible. Renewed Life Church's name correlates to the vision in that these folks have never come to experience the new life spoken of by the Lord Jesus and the apostle Paul.

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Mountain View Bible Church

Darren and Rosealee Melugins have been called to reach multiple generations in the South Colorado Springs area. They will specifically focus on the disconnected and digital millennial and younger age groups. This group in desperate need to be grounded deeper into a life with Jesus Christ. Mountain View is in their pre-launch phase and have 50 adults who are committed to the vision. They praise God for what He is doing and look forward to the next months ahead.

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