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7 Strategies for Planting Healthy Reproductive Churches

We are part of a nationwide Converge USA church planting movement.  We rely on church planting experience from around the nation to learn how to plant healthy, reproducing congregations. Here are the 7 foundational strategies of Converge USA.

  1. Spiritual Dynamic: We lean on spiritual empowerment for our growth. Scripture and prayer are built into all we do.
  2. Recruitment: We seek leaders who are interested in launching reproducing churches locally and participating in regional and global movements.
  3. Assessment: We objectively determine a leader's call, giftedness, character and preparation for ministry.
  4. Training: We arrange training events that equip leaders with up-to-date information and current strategies for effective ministries.
  5. Coaching: We ensure that every planter has a trained coach. Coaches help planters succeed through sharing spiritual guidance, accountability, emotional support and skill development.
  6. Funding: We seek to develop funding strategies that will fuel our growing movement and assist each leader with his personal support.
  7. Resourcing: We provide state-of-the-art resources to assist leaders to make a kingdom impact in their communities.

Converge Rocky Mountain is constantly developing and refining these seven systems to fulfill our vision of expanding our redemptive impact through new churches.

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