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Converge is a Movement

We're a movement of churches working together to strengthen and start more churches. Our mission is to multiply transformational churches and we do that using these key ministry strategies:

Grow Spiritually

It is Christ who builds his church. Because that’s true, we want everything we do to display our desire to glorify God by trusting in the power of his Word, his Spirit, his Son and his delight in prevailing prayer. We are committed to prayer and spiritual transformation.

Plant Churches

Because we believe the life of Christ is meant to be reproduced from life to life and church to church, we are committed to planting new congregations. We believe it’s the most effective evangelism strategy for seeing the gospel brought into communities and people groups. We are committed to planting multiplying movements of church planting around the world.

Mobilize Churches

We want to see existing churches mobilized for mission. One way we do this is through coaching church leaders to build healthy community and healthy leadership. They then pray and strategize to seek God’s vision for building bridges into their communities. We are committed to strengthening churches.

Develop Leaders

We believe transformational churches are well-led churches. We want to see transformational leaders multiplied for our churches across the United States as well as movements all over the world. We provide many opportunities for our pastors and leaders to network and learn from each other.

Show Compassion

We don’t want people to only hear the gospel, we want them to experience Christ’s love firsthand as we practically respond to their needs. Through a variety of means we resource congregations and movements to show compassion—treating people not as projects, but as people God loves.

Reach Nations

We want to see the nations of the world transformed by the love of Christ. Our churches send out missionaries to the corners of the globe but they also work in their own communities to reach the diverse people groups living nearby.

Live Generously

Generosity is about much more than teaching people about stewardship. It’s about raising up generous communities of faith; about displaying the generous character of God’s heart and person, so that our ministries are filled with faith and vision. Our movement is committed to living generously.

These core ministries work together to resource churches and movements of churches—to see lives and communities changed by the power of the gospel. Christ, his cross and the gospel are central to all we do.

Converge Policies and Documents

Governing Documents


The following resolutions are categorized as listed below and available as one, comprehensive pdf.

  • Abortion
    • Abortion – Adopted 1981*
    • Abortion – Adopted 1971
  • Abstinence
    • True Love Waits – Adopted 1994*
  • Baptism and Membership
    • The Relationship Between Baptism and Membership - Adopted 1995
  • Bethel University
    • Resolution in support of Bethel College and Seminary - Adopted 2000
  • Child Protection – Pornography
    • Protecting Children; Sexual Misconduct - Adopted 2002
    • Protect our children - Adopted 2001
    • Pornography - Adopted 1987
    • Pornography - Adopted 1986
  • Creation
    • Creation Sunday - Adopted 1990
    • God as the creator - Adopted 1981
  • Doctrine – Baptist Distinctives
    • Gods Foreknowledge - Adopted 2000
    • A Reaffirmation of our Heritage - Adopted 1977
    • The Christian and Freedom - Adopted 1976
    • Religious Liberty - Adopted 1968
  • Gender
    • Beliefs about homosexual behavior and ministering to homosexual persons - Adopted 1992
    • Operation Rescue - Adopted 1989
    • Homosexuality - Adopted 1987
  • Human Worth
    • A call to a biblical view of ministry - Adopted 1978
    • Human Relations - Adopted 1965
  • Marriage and Family
    • Marriage and the family - Adopted 2004
    • Statement on Marriage - Adopted 1977
    • The Family Unit - Adopted 1973
  • Social Action
    • Racial Reconciliation - Adopted 1996
    • Political Involvement - Adopted 1987
    • A Call to righteous and responsible action - Adopted 1985
    • An affluent church in a hungry world - Adopted 1979
    • Christian Lifestyle - Adopted 1973
    • Obscenity - Adopted 1973
    • Social Ministries - Adopted 1966
    • Social Evil - Adopted 1965
  • War and Peace
    • War and Peace - Adopted 1968
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