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CRM district wide global/local missions’ philosophy...

  • Decentralized over centralized.... Grassroots driven
  • Birth over adoption
  • Empowering nationals over long term outsiders
  • Home grown over unknowns
  • Do a few things very well over do a lot of things poorly

What are our current focus areas?

  • Provide hands on opportunities to serve over pay and pray
  • Cultivating transferable principles that span church size and geography
  • Leverage the power of the family “on mission”. "The power of together"
  • Connect reaching around the world with the need to reach across the street.

Through training, the goal is to enable every partner church to have a well thought through missions’ strategy that inspires the congregation, empowers the missionaries and builds the Kingdom of God.  A mission strategy that dovetails with other churches throughout the Rockies to exponentially increase our effectiveness for sharing the Gospel across the street and around the world.

To do this we need to:

  1. Identify mission point leaders in every partner church
  2. Identify church's global areas of focus
  3. Plan regional collaboration and connecting events
  4. Regional Training/awareness events
  5. Web presence with blogs, articles, podcasts, zoom meetings
  6. Annual mission conferences around the district

C1 Stragegy

C1 churches are the driving force behind church driven international missions. A C1 Church is the "lead" church in any given international missions project. This has no relation to the size of a church.

Click the Link to view a list of current projects and their C1 church. Please note that "Commitment Level" stands for the level of experience and maturity for individuals looking to participate in a project. This can relate to spiritual maturity, travel experience, or comfort level with new or uncomfortable experiences such as new foods, cultures, and languages.

CRM Projects and Initiatives

Across the street or around the world, we seek to spread the compassionate message of the Gospel in words and actions. To learn more about the current projects and how to join them click below.

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