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Converge Rocky Mountain is committed

to building bridges locally to share the love of Christ

in our neighborhoods and communities.

Converge2Engage Events

Converge Rocky Mountain churches are encouraged to lovingly connect with communities through servant-evangelism projects. The goal of Converge2Engage events is to build redemptive bridges with the unchurched in hopes that the Lord will provide opportunities for His Good News to be presented and accepted.

Disaster Response Team

Converge Rocky Mountain Churches work together to care for communities battling natural disasters. Teams have cared for victims of the Windsor and Oklahoma tornadoes, Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey and flooding in Estes Park, Lusk and Nebraska.  Churches can help by donating needed resources or by sending teams to the impacted area.

Personal Evangelism Training

Converge Rocky Mountain offers regional training events to help Christ-followers become more effective in sharing their faith.  Resources are also available for leaders wishing to do training within their congregations.

Engagement within Converge Rocky Mountain

Engagement is all about well-equipped believers moving out into the world and sharing the Good News of the Gospel in all kinds of ways.  It’s about living as salt and light, loving people and loving people until they ask why and then we tell them about Jesus. Engaging our cultures is living missionally. It’s the church being the church, intentionally going into the world to make more and better disciples.  These examples from CRM churches are intended to inspire all of us to build redemptive connections with the lost and spiritually wayward around us.

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