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Social Media Resources 

When it comes to current outreach tools Social Media is a powerful and useful one. Check out these Podcasts, Books, Blogs, and more on how to use Social Media effectively in your church.

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Blogs/Websites to Follow 


Social Media Church is a place for conversations with ministry leaders about social media. Our conversations are designed to build a community of church leaders who are collectively maximizing social media for more effective ministry.

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Seminary of Hard Knocks is a podcast that every week Seth Muse and His co-host Meagan Ranson talk with church communicators in the trenches who share their hacks, perspectives, and experiences with us.

7 Must Haves On your Church Website

How to Successfully Run Facebook Groups

Free Instagram Class

Church Planting Together is a podcast devoted to discussing the journey of church planting. Church planting is tough and affects every area of the church planter's life. Join church planters Loren and Carrie Pankratz (with over 11 years experience) as they delve into their struggles, the times they totally nailed it, and the things they wish they would have done differently in their Utah church plant.

Should you Join a Church Planting Network

Converge Sessions 

Building Your Church Brand

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Digital Newsletter Examples

Digital newsletters are a great way to keep people up to date on events in between Sundays.

CRM Ascent 

Written Communication Tips & Examples

Church Juice provides great insights on how to keep your written communication succinct and effective.

Christmas Pastor Gift Letter examples:

Below are a few examples of Christmas Pastor Gift Letter examples.

Village Baptist Christmas Letter

Bethel Baptist Church

Mtn View Bible's Christmas Letter


Converge Rocky Mountain has formed ministry partnerships with branding/marketing firms to assist your church in presenting yourself to your community in an effective way. Be sure to mention you are a Converge Rocky Mountain church.

Holmgren Design

Sandi Holmgren has been a part of two Converge church plants in addition to her design work for Converge Rocky Mountain.

Phone: (651) 433-3943

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From Social Media To Social Ministry

By: Nona Jones




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