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Converge Rocky Mountain churches assist each other in growing strong.

Through a variety of opportunities, leaders can build a dynamic relationship with God and learn to utilize their spiritual gifts in meaningful, life-changing ministry. Congregations can catch a fresh sense of God’s vision and experience close community with each other and other partner congregations.

We recognize the eternal importance of churches being led by leaders that are well-equipped to thrive in their sphere of ministry. Through collaborative leadership networks, volunteer training and a variety of helpful resources, Converge leaders can find the tools they need to lead with courage, passion and effectiveness. Converge Rocky Mountain congregations seek to be well-discipled in their faith and well-equipped for ministry. Converge Rocky Mountain churches understand, though, that it cannot stop there.  The Great Commission compels us to send Jesus-followers into communities, intentionally connecting with the unchurched and looking for ways to share the gospel in our neighborhoods.

Grow as a Beilever

You were designed to live all of your life in a meaningful, growing relationship with Almighty God. It is a faith journey that begins by recognizing your sin and turning from it, embracing Jesus as your Savior, and inviting Him to take control of your life and teach you a new way to live-God's way. Your journey continues and grows stronger as you face the challenges and victories of life in partnership with Jesus. Prayer, Bible study, church involvement, caring for others are all necessary exercises for you to mature in your faith and enjoy a life that is significant and abundant.

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Grow as a Leader

LEAD Networks are the primary means through which Converge Rocky Mountain congregations seek to transform lives and communities in the Rocky Mountain West. LEAD networks connect Senior/Lead pastors on a regular basis.  The networks also provide opportunity for ministry leaders in key areas, (Worship, Prayer, Children, Youth, Women, Senior Adults, and Global Engagement), to learn and grow together. Through the networks an “empowered, collaborative leadership culture” is nurtured where all ministry leaders can be contributors of ideas, expertise and resources for an overall Kingdom benefit.

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Grow as a Pastor

As a district, it is our prayerful desire that all our pastors and churches experience vital and growing partnerships. For that reason, we seek to use the best resources available, ever dependent on God's sovereign direction, to connect the "right leader with the right church at the right time". LEAD networks connect Senior/Lead pastors on a regular basis to create networks and ministry opportunities. Converge Rocky Mountain also assists pastors and their families with their spiritual, physical and emotional needs. By providing additional resources.

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