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Converge Rocky Mountain churches assist each other in growing strong.

Through a variety of opportunities, leaders can build a dynamic relationship with God and learn to utilize their spiritual gifts in meaningful, life-changing ministry. Congregations can catch a fresh sense of God’s vision and experience close community with each other and other partner congregations.

We recognize the eternal importance of churches being led by leaders that are well-equipped to thrive in their sphere of ministry. Through collaborative leadership networks, volunteer training and a variety of helpful resources, Converge leaders can find the tools they need to lead with courage, passion and effectiveness. Converge Rocky Mountain congregations seek to be well-discipled in their faith and well-equipped for ministry. Converge Rocky Mountain churches understand, though, that it cannot stop there.  The Great Commission compels us to send Jesus-followers into communities, intentionally connecting with the unchurched and looking for ways to share the gospel in our neighborhoods.

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