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Leadership Development

Converge Rocky Mountain offers several tracks for professional and lay leader training.

  • Elder/Deacon Training

    A variety of materials: They Smell Like Sheep; Biblical Eldership and custom training, are available to help your church leaders deepen their faith and grow in maturity, wisdom and the ability to lead effectively.

  • Training Center Churches

    Churches showing excellence in a specific area of ministry (multi-site, rural ministry, discipleship, etc.) will be identified to offer training for interns, pastors and planters.

LEAD Networks

Spirit-empowered LEAD Networks are the primary means through which Converge Rocky Mountain congregations seek to transform lives and communities in the Rocky Mountain West.

Our effectiveness as a movement will rise and fall on the effectiveness of our LEAD networks. These networks enable congregations to experience the power of church-to-church community just as it was first modeled in the book of Acts.  Through LEAD networks, local congregations will be better equipped to pursue God’s unique calling for their congregation.  By partnering with other congregations in their region, churches will be able to accomplish even greater ministry objectives for the glory of God. Accomplishing together what would be impossible to accomplish alone.

LEAD networks connect Senior/Lead pastors on a regular basis.  The networks also provide opportunity for ministry leaders in key areas, (Worship, Prayer, Children, Youth, Women, Senior Adults, and Global Engagement), to learn and grow together. Through the networks an “empowered, collaborative leadership culture” is nurtured where all ministry leaders can be contributors of ideas, expertise and resources for an overall Kingdom benefit.

Although there will be a tremendous amount of creative freedom on “how” LEAD networks reach their specific region for Christ, all networks will be unified in our passion for Christ, our desire to see lives and communities transformed in the Rocky Mountain West and our commitment to the mission/values of Converge Rocky Mountain.


Alongside Ministries' passion is to help pastors’ wives live lives of courage and abandon, seizing the opportunities that are unique to this God-given role by:

Empowering them to understand their unique calling tied not just to their position, but to their personality and their gifting.

Developing them as leaders who lead from hearts of wisdom, integrity, humility and authenticity.

Strengthening them by giving them tools to take the challenges of being a pastor’s wife and a ministry family and turn them into opportunities for God to move in broken people and handle the challenges of being a ministry family with wisdom, grace, and faith in Him who uses all things for His glory.

Attacking the isolation that characterizes most lives of pastors’ wives by creating networks that are safe, meet regularly via face-to-face or online platforms, and encourage authenticity about the real issues we face.

Converge Ministry Wives have a Cohort with Alongside. CRM women should look for CONVERGE when sign up on the registration page.   

Join a Cohorts

Church Administrators are the glue that holds all the behind the scenes ins and outs of the church. That can feel lonely but you are not alone! CRM is passionate about helping administrators feel supported and prepared with resources and guidance in all areas. 

Join Rocky Mountain Church Office Administrators

Over 80% of believers say they accepted Christ before the age eighteen. Children matter. CRM churches are working together to build children’s ministries that will result in families with strong faith foundations and the ability to raise healthy, significant, Jesus-centered youngsters.

Join our Rocky Mountain Children Ministry group

Is your global mission outreach guided by a clear strategy? How do you decide which missionaries to support? How do you keep in contact with those you support? How do you create and carry out meaningful short-term mission trips? These questions and more can be answered by a Glocal Engagement coach. Gifted mission leaders from around our region are ready and prepared to help your congregation grow in its ability to reach the world for Christ.

CRM is committed to helping churches assist their senior members in living the second half of their life with a renewed sense of significance and Kingdom mission. Through hymn sings, annual road trips, mission opportunities and training seminars supportive friendships are nurtured and life-long learning takes place.

Women’s Ministry takes hours of preparation and hard work and we greatly appreciate you and all you are doing. Our greatest desire is to help you fulfill the purpose God has for your life. Can you imagine hundreds, even thousands, of women in the Rocky Mountain region who are fulfilling the purpose God has for them? Can you imagine the impact that would have on the world? Converge Rocky Mountain desires to come alongside you - to provide encouragement and help in any area that you desire. We are seeking to provide you with quality resources, training opportunities, words of encouragement, and ways to network with one other. Please let us know if there are resources you need, but don’t see listed. We are here to serve you. “Thank You” for serving women in our region!


Women's Ministry

Starting a Women's Ministry By Debra Johanyak

1. Survey the women. Circulate a survey to find out who your women are, what their needs are, and what types of programs they are looking for. Be specific...

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Waiting for God to answer?

How to be an over comer when you feel overtaken: Tactics for surviving uncertainty by Shelly Miller

In the corner of my neighborhood coffee shop, I sit at a small round table hidden behind a display of coffee cups and bags of dark roast. Writing here instead of at home at my desk is a new coping rhythm during an unwanted, lengthy season of transition for my family. We were supposed to move...

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Trusting God when the answers don't come:

Regardless of my circumstances, his care will remain the same. by Jenilee Rebarber

I was on my knees one night right before going to bed. Not knowing what to say, I considered my options. I thought perhaps I could seek comfort in worship, but I didn’t really have the serenity at the moment. Neither had I the strength to pray intensely. The reason I couldn’t do that was...

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Book Recommendations

In the Land of Blue Burqas by Kate McCord (a protective pseudonym)

Find this book at Christian Book Distributors

Surprised by Oxford: A Memoir by Carolyn Weber

Find this book at Christian Book Distributors

Worship is so much more than the music we play on Sunday morning. It's about building a philosophy of living a life for Jesus in our everyday life. CRM is Passionate about helping Worship Directors and Churches develop worship in their church community.  

Join Rocky Mountain Worship Leaders Group 

Converge Rocky Mountain is serious about investing in our next generation of believers and leaders. Through Winter Camp, leader training, mission trips and other opportunities we are working together as churches to assist each other in building students that are passionate about Jesus Christ and sold out for His Kingdom!

Join Rocky Mountain Youth Leaders 

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