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To be a growing, relevant family of missionaries who desire to see Gunnison and Western know Jesus.

Who Are We

Bethany is a multigenerational church that is committed to being a growing and loving family of local missionaries, whose desire is to see the people of Gunnison and Western Colorado University know Jesus Christ. Gunnison is a town of 7,500 and Bethany is a church with average weekly attendance of of 200-225. One unique aspect of Bethany is that none of the pastors or staff members are full-time, which means the church has to serve as the church.


What do you do well?

Bethany is a grace-place for broken people seeking Jesus, while holding fast to the truth of Scripture and the beauty of the Gospel. Young families and seniors are intermixed, with a constant commitment to University Students, who have their own service followed by a free home-cooked lunch every week of the semester. Bethany is investing in a future sober living house, and Narcotics Anonymous also calls Bethany home. Two years ago, the local newspaper's people's choice awards added a new category of "Best Church" (local voting) and Bethany was honored both years.

Recent God Sighting

Last spring, several Western Colorado University students were to be baptized. Their respective athletics teams showed up in record numbers, which led to a spontaneous baptism. The next week, two graduating senior football players tag-team preached to both services, and touched many lives. This outpouring of God's blessing at the end of the spring semester, prompted the launch of "U-Ministry" (University students ministering to each other). We are gradually equipping, encouraging and turning over all aspects of the college service to students. We expect the Lord to use this mightily for His great glory and the blessing of people.

What Is Next?

How Can We Pray For Bethany Church?

  • That we would reach many hundreds of University students with the hope of the Gospel.
  • That many who struggle with isolation, depression and mental health issues might be helped and healed by the power of Christ.
  • We are in a season of life transitions within many of our staff and leadership families --that we would trust God relentlessly to use every change for His glory.

Where can we connect with Bethany Church?
Our website is a good place to start!

Bethany Church

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