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To Develop a Church Driven International Mission’s movement within Converge Rocky Mountain we must

  • Encourage and train our churches to reach lost people internationally with a more hands on approach.
  • Encourage churches to be more focused and strategic in choosing international missions partners with the relationship being driven and maintained by a C1 church.
  • Develop church partnerships to accomplish set objectives with strategic international partners.
  • Simplify the deployment of American workers to strategic projects from multiple churches that share a common passion or interest as requested by our international partners.
  • Seek to reduce the financial costs of sending American workers overseas.
  • Pool our resources, expertise, professional skills and finances to have a greater international impact.
  • Encourage the development of more C1 churches.
  • Work with our district HQ for effective communication and recruiting.
  • Work with IM for assistance in assessment, training and recruitment from outside the district.
  • Develop standards of excellence without causing new complicated levels of bureaucracy that kill innovation.
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C1 Churches

C1 churches are the driving force behind church driven international missions. A C1 Church is the "lead" church in any given international missions project. This has no relation to the size of a church.

Below is a list of current projects and their C1 church. Please note that "Commitment Level" stands for the level of experience and maturity for individuals looking to participate in a project. This can relate to spiritual maturity, travel experience, or comfort level with new or uncomfortable experiences such as new foods, cultures, and languages.

Equip Haiti - Living Hope Bible Church / Dr. Robin Holland

Equip Argentina - The Mosaic / Kathleen Sherman

Equip Nordic Baltic - Arise Church Denver / Jimmy Smith

Equip Mindanao - Prairie Hills Church / Pastor Ty DesEnfants & Crow Hill Bible Church

Equip Mexico -

Do you have a passion and want to be a C1 church for your project? Apply below.

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