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Converge Rocky Mountain's Commitment to Financial Accountability 

Converge Rocky Mountain recognizes the fiduciary responsibility we have to our district churches, their members, other donors and to our generous God. We will depend on His wisdom and commit ourselves to being excellent stewards of the resources He has entrusted to us, in order to more effectively mobilize and multiply reproducing churches in the Rocky Mountain west.

The Board of Overseers has adopted the following standards for financial accountability:

  1. We are committed to the Converge Worldwide Affirmation of Faith and will conduct our financial affairs in a manner reflecting generally accepted Christian practices.
  2. We will seek broad church representation on the Board of Overseers (the district governing board), as well as on regional LEAD teams, placing a high value on the financial advice, counsel, and decisions resulting from these regularly scheduled meetings.
  3. Our financial statements will be prepared according to Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP), and we will obtain an annual audit or financial review of all our financial records by a qualified independent examiner.
  4. We will gladly provide copies of current financial statements and schedules to district churches, their members, and other contributors upon written request.
  5. We will conduct the district's affairs adhering to high standards of financial integrity avoiding actual or appearance of conflicts of interest.
  6. We will be truthful in fundraising, including all communications, representations of fact, and description of our financial condition.
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