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The ordination process begins and ends with a leader called by God to the Gospel ministry. It also involves the recognition of this call by the local church where the leader is serving. But the Converge Rocky Mountain family of churches and church leaders are also involved in advising the church and in serving the ordination candidate. Thus the ordination process is detailed below for Converge Rocky Mountain churches and leaders:

Steps to Ordination

From the Perspective of the Candidate and Church:

  1. The candidate's church leadership informs the CRM Executive Minister of its desire to ordain a candidate.
  2. The Converge regional staff sends the handbook on ordination to the candidate and the ordaining church.
  3. The Candidate completes a 12-15 page paper outlining their call to ministry, philosophy of ministry and statement of beliefs and sends a copy to the CRM office.
  4. A pre-ordination team is selected to review the candidate's paper with them.
  5. After corrections and clarifications are made, an ordination council date is set by the host church. The church also distributes the candidate's paper to all CRM partner congregations.
  6. The Council meets and recommends that the church proceed or not proceed with ordination.

From the Perspective Converge Rocky Mountain:

  1. A church requests help with ordination.
  2. The Converge region leadership responds with the attached handbook.
  3. The candidate reserves an interview time with pre-ordination team.
  4. The candidate prepares and sends doctrinal statement.
  5. The candidate meets with the pre-ordination team.
  6. Clarifications and corrections are made and redistributed to pre-ordination team.
  7. Ordination council date is set.
  8. Converge Rocky Mountain assists the church in distributing candidate's document to all partner churches.
  9. The Ordination Council is held and a recommendation made to the church's leadership board.
  10. The church acts to ordain proposed candidate.

For more information on ordination, please refer to the CRM Ordination Handbook. 


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