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She Walks in Beauty

Beauty is not easily defined. I, like you, read various blogs and magazines each month.  This past month I was intrigued by how many times I came across an article or a blog where the main topic was focused on beauty.  Some of the articles were...

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High and Lifted Up

Here's one of my new songs called, "High and Lifted Up".
I introduced it this week at Night of Worship. Feel free to comment and critique.

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The Blessing of Loneliness

By Josh Weidmann

Sometimes God calls us to take steps we’d rather not. Sometime He moves our stiff legs to bend in the exact way He desires, and we would otherwise despise.

The bending hurts. The new foot placement is uncomfortable...

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What a Dad!

Jeffrey Wright is a high school physics teacher in Louisville, Kentucky. But these days, it takes a lot more than just teaching formulas and grading papers to be a real teacher.

Students are faced with obstacles and challenges Mr. Wright...

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