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How does God talk to you?

By Geoff Surratt

I recently heard a minister share how he dialogs with God. He asks questions and God answers in complete, unambiguous paragraphs. When the conversation is over this young leader knows exactly what God’s will for his life...

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Tell Me Who You Are !

I am the person who can carry on a conversation with a total stranger, the lady in front of you who is talking to the cashier about her day or the weather and annoying you because you are in a huge hurry and you just want the line to keep moving...

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Broken People Make Good Friends

By Danny Oertli

I arrived in San Francisco this past September exhausted.  I had flown through the night from Alaska and my head was spinning from the culture shock of having spent the last few days in the back country of Alaska, only to...

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Finding Freedom from Shame In Your Life

By: Josh Weidmann

“Shame is a feeling deep within our being that makes us want to hide,” wrote psychologist Jane Middelton-Moz. “We feel suddenly overwhelmed and self-conscious. The feeling of shame is of being exposed,...

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Cheyenne Hills Hosts Seeker Workshop

Cheyenne Hills Church recently held a “Go Viral” follow up workshop. Evangelism expert Garry Poole challenged over 70 CRM church leaders to connect meaningfully with unchurched people through seeker small groups. The leadership training...

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WomenSchool Puts Training Into Action

By Stephanie Price, CRM Women’s Ministry Coach

The WomenSchool of Ministry Leadership has completed five classes, with just one more session in April, and then graduation on June 22. On February 2, Linnea Winquist (...

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