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How the Christmas Stole Worship

By Gary Durbin

This time of year is an interesting phase for the worship leader. We've just made it through the trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving is within sight and Wal-Mart's garden center is littered with holiday lawn decoration


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Typhoon Relief

The disaster in the Philippines is heart wrenching. Many agencies are asking for your help.  I'd like to encourage your church to support a need that has been identified through CrossWind, a CRM Fil-Am congregation.  Pastor Ric Dogiles passed...
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A Spark for Prayer

Together to Transform 2013: “Shakin’ the House”

By Barbara Henderson, CRM Communication Coordinator

By the grace of God, a fire of powerful prayer was sparked in Converge Rocky Mountain churches during...

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God Loves You Passionately

By Julie Gorman

I kissed my third-grader Sommer on her forehead, tucked her in snugly, and turned to call it a day. “Good night, sweetheart! See you in the morning.”
“Mommy!” Sommer’s voice cracked with emotion, calling me back to...

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Is your child ready for their final game?

By Geoff Surratt

I don’t remember my daughter’s last basketball game. I think it was a loss because they didn’t win the state championship that year. I don’t remember the game because I did not know it would be her last. She played since...

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