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Converge Heartland Responds: Hurricane Harvey

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Converge Heartland Responds: Hurricane Harvey

July 16, 2024
Hurricane Harvey

Text $50 Harvey to 605.789.5550 to give $50 to aid in the relief efforts.

man and woman wade through deep water

     Converge Heartland District is responding to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in partnership with other Evangelicals, including other Converge Districts and the Southern Baptist Convention. 

     Along with many others, our Converge Southwest District churches in Texas and our Converge Southeast District churches in Louisiana and Florida are experiencing damage during this hurricane season.

     The Southern Baptist Convention is America’s second largest relief agency and has the capacity to train Converge Heartland church volunteers, on site, when the time is right. Once the large machinery clean-up finishes, we will be sending teams from Converge Heartland churches to help rebuild.

     At this time, we need to know who is interested in serving. Also, for the purpose of resourcing our teams in giving hands-on aid to those affected by Hurricane Harvey, we have set up the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Here is how you can get involved:

     1. Fill out this short form if you are interested in serving.

     2. Give financially online.

     3. Give financially via text by texting your donation amount followed by the word Harvey to 605.789.5550 (e.g. $100 Harvey).

     4. Give financially by cash or check by mailing your donation to:

Converge Heartland
601 W. 57th St
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

     Thank you for your generosity in taking care of those affected by this storm!


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