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Calvary Baptist Church StratOp

July 16, 2024
Converge Rocky Mountain


It is a wonderful thing when people love God with all their minds, by planning well for their church’s future!   This can truly be said of the Calvary Baptist Church leaders in Cambridge, NE, led by Pastor Nathan and Sarah Witt!  The Calvary leadership team recently gathered, on September 29-30, in their church’s newly remodeled downstairs, to join a growing number of Converge Heartland church leadership teams who have worked through a StratOp Strategic Planning Retreat.  They began by understanding and identifying key learnings from their church’s history.  They then they took a broader assessment of their whole church and community, including their current ministries, trends, and ministry ideas. From there, begin planning by establishing a memorable and gospel-centered mission statement, a primary target group, a five-year vision, and core ministry strategies.  Finally, they followed through by putting together a measurable action plan that included prioritized initiatives and a ministry dashboard. The Calvary Baptist Church leaders loved God and His church in Cambridge, Nebraska, with all their heart, soul, strength, and MIND!  May God grant them His strength, progress, vitality, and contagious joy as they perform the doing of their strategic ministry plan.   Congratulations to the leaders of Calvary Baptist Church on the exceptional and courageous work that they have put into their church’s health and future!

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