Planting Pathway

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Church Planting Pathway

  1. Pre Assessment with a CRM Leader.
  2. Attend a Converge USA Assessment Center with a spouse.

 Upon receiving a “recommend-no conditions” from the Assessment Center

  1. Location, potential team, funding strategies defined.
  2. Relationships with CRM LEAD Networks generated.
  3. Expectations interview reviewed and signed.
  4. CRM Planting Coach is assigned.
  5. Financial accounts set up with CRM.
  6. (One year minimum. Completion of financial systems checklist required before going independent.)
  7. "First Steps" planter boot camp training within six months of start up.
  8. Assistance with church’s organizational paperwork: Tax exempt status, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Constitution.
  9. Church Recognition Council.
  10. "Next Steps" Training.
  11. Become a Contributor.

Defining Stages for CRM Movement Congregations

Once a Church Plant, Always a Church Plant

Stage One: Birth to one year. Start up, private worship, public launch.  Funding available through movement churches.

Stage Two: One year to formal recognition. Constitution development, coach as well as be coached, move towards independence at year three. Funding will cease and be transferred to new plant.

Stage Three: Formal recognition forward. Movement players, ready to fill role on the team, parent a new church. May be planters or pastors of established churches. Give back financial to fund more new churches.

Purposes behind movement meetings

Stage One Plant Gatherings- Team building, Strategic discussion of current ministry observations and issues.  Do a systems check and provide support and prayer.

LEAD Pastors network- Update established churches on status of plants needs: Family, personnel, finances, etc. Team building, movement updates, prayer.

CRM Expansion Meetings- Stage two and three leaders meet to hone and engage systems. Coaches training and assignment, “First Steps”, "Next Steps”, Trouble shoot current plants.


Planting Pathway