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COVID-19 Resource Videos


ReOpening Church:  Leading After COVID-19 by William Vanderbloemen

Preparing for Re-Entry - Dr. Bruce Hopler, Executive Director of Church Strengthening for Converge

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Virtual Church - What Have We Learned?  Were Are We Headed? - Steve Perky, Digital Ministry Strategist

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Soul and Congregational Care in Crisis - Dr. Dan Rumberger, Southwest Counseling

The Blank Slate:  A New Ministry Normal - Thom Rainer, Sam Rainer, Kevin Spratt

Understanding Your Church's Risk and Liability

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Video Slides

Sample Activity Participation Agreement

Taking Your Online Ministry To the Next Level

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Reopening Children's and Youth Ministries


A Pediatrician Discusses Reopening Children's Ministry

Information for reopening Children's Ministry

-- Dr. Debra Zancanaro, MD,  Pediatrics Specialist, Indianapolis, IN

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC Guidance for Child Care Programs

Brotherhood Mutual

What does Children's Ministry look like going forward?

Youth Worker Collective - UMC

13 Questions to Consider before Restarting Youth Ministry Post-Quarantine

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