Grow as a Leader

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LEAD Networks

Spirit-empowered LEAD Networks are the primary means through which Converge Rocky Mountain congregations seek to transform lives and communities in the Rocky Mountain West. In fact, our effectiveness as a movement will rise and fall on the effectiveness of our LEAD networks. LEAD networks enable congregations to experience the power of church-to-church community just as it was first modeled in the book of Acts.  Through LEAD networks local congregations will be better equipped to pursue God’s unique calling for their congregation.  Beyond that, by partnering with other congregations in their region, churches will be able to accomplish even greater ministry objectives for the glory of God. Accomplishing together what would be impossible to accomplish alone.

LEAD networks connect Senior/Lead pastors on a regular basis.  The networks also provide opportunity for ministry leaders in key areas, (Worship, Prayer, Children, Youth, Women, Senior Adults, and Glocal Engagement), to learn and grow together. Through the networks an “empowered, collaborative leadership culture” is nurtured where all ministry leaders can be contributors of ideas, expertise and resources for an overall Kingdom benefit. 

Peer interaction will take place during live meetings, via the Converge Rocky Mountain web site, Facebook sites and informal interaction. Although there will be a tremendous amount of creative freedom on “how” LEAD networks reach their specific region for Christ, all networks will be unified in our passion for Christ, our desire to see lives and communities transformed in the Rocky Mountain West and our commitment to the mission/values of Converge Rocky Mountain.


Grow as a Leader