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Strategic Team-Makers

Strategic Team-Makers, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Dr. Jerry Dahl as a consulting resource for businesses and churches. Jerry is a sought after marriage conference facilitator and pastor/planter ministry coach.  STM also specializes in building productive relationships between church staff and leaders.

Interim Pastors & Placement

One of the most important ways Converge Rocky Mountain assists local congregations is through the search for and placement of a new pastor.  Along with guiding the search team, Converge Rocky Mountain also provides assistance in locating interim pastors and special speakers.

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Church Conflict Resolution

Converge Rocky Mountain provides trained reconciliation leaders to help resolve church disputes in a God-honoring way. The Bible is clear that our witness to the world will be most powerful when we live in unity with each other.

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Immigration Assistance

Converge Rocky Mountain values cultural diversity. The tapestry of our partner churches include congregations ministering to Latinos, Vietnamese, Arabic and Fil-Am congregations. Often these congregations are led by pastors who have relocated from a foreign land. Moving to the United States can be filled with challenges for a pastor and his family. Learning a new language, new cultural norms, and new driving laws are just some of the hurdles a cultural pastor must navigate.

The most sizeable hurdle, however, is working with Homeland Security and Immigration and Naturalization services. It takes time, expertise and thousands of dollars to obtain the proper documentation for visas and eventually United States citizenship. Converge Rocky Mountain provides funding and expert attorneys to guide cultural pastors through the process.

Converge Benevolent Fund

The Converge Benevolent Fund was created to demonstrate compassionate love by providing financial assistance for our pastors, missionaries, chaplains, retirees and their families in times of crisis.

In the past, benevolent funds have been used to:

  • Provide additional counseling for pastoral couples and families
  • Assist pastoral couples with overdue medical bills beyond their ability to pay
  • Help extend visas for one of our cultural pastors
  • Bring relief for several churches experiencing financial difficulties and unable to pay salaries for a time
  • Provide monthly stipends for low-income widows or widowers
  • Supplement quarterly retirement plan payments for cultural church pastors with incomes below $25,000

2017 Together to Transform: Cross the Line Videos

Main Sessions: Click the link beside the Main Session to View Videos. 

Breakout Sessions: Click the link beside the Breakout Session to view videos.

1. Nature or Nurture- Dr. Christopher Yuan - Click Here to View Video of the Session
2. Ordinary Parents, Extraordinary Father-Leon and Angela Yuan - Unfortunately, this session is not avalible because of copy right laws, we apologize for the inconvenience. 
3. Reaching Muslims- Jimmy Smith - Click Here to View Videos of the Session
4. Reaching Mormons- Ross Anderson (We apologize, this video is unavalible due to technical difficulties during the conference but click here to hear audio and get notes from a similar seminar)
5. Why Can't We All Get Along? Dr. Rueben Rivera and Dr. Robin Holland - Click Here to View Videos of the Session
6. Reaching Hard to Reach Students- Taylor Whitmore - Click Here to View Videos of the Session 

February 2017 Leadership Deep Dives Videos

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